Sunday, July 4, 2010

Why are our pillars of Indian democracy rotten?

Legislature, Executive, Judiciary and Media. These four pillars were hoped to safeguard democracy via an implicit doctrine of seperation of powers. Of late, anti national elements(criminals, the corrupt, terrorists and traitors) are slowly annexing the nation.

Every election, the campaign spending only goes along with the proportion of those with criminaL cases filed against them. I agree that politically motivated cases would make up a fair proportion of that,. But even excluding that, what accounts for the rags to riches story of our politicans? Unlike entreprenuers, no one questions our netas for an account of their riches; or even how does their wealth double/triple after a term in power.

The Constitution hoped that the Legislature would keep a check on the Executive with the Judiciary overseeing both. The media was bestowed freedom of speech to act as a moral guardian. 60 years after independence, what is the scene?

Coalition Governments rule with diminished majorities thus being held ransom to the coalition partners. The Congress forced a minister to resign over conflict of interest in the IPL; yet a coalition minister with multi billion dollar scams in his ministry was allowed to continue after his party boss said he's being persecuted as he is a "Scheduled caste". The Opposition prefers to call bandhs and hold press conferences rather than do the boring work of turning up in Parliament and questioning the Government.

The Executive and Judiciary are largely good but are bogged down with excess work, crumbling infrastructure and political interference. The Media is more concerned with "Consumer Connect initiatives","Response Connect Initiatives", "Ad sense" to deceive the reader that the ads he's reading is news. Exceptions are "Hindu", "Mint","Hindustan Times" but their market share is minuscle on a pan India basis.

These are the problems but what are the solutions? Personal integrity in all walks of life is the way forward. We cannot change the system without changing ourselves first.