Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are "bleeding heart liberals" justified?

You probably know whom I'm referring to. The types who feed stray dogs, stand up for human rights(even of criminals), oppose police/military brutality. In short, the ones who support the underdog even against majority opinion.

Every time the State takes a beating in guerilla warfare(witness Dantewada, Maharashtra etc), there is a a temporary upswell of public support for the State. Critics are not welcome since they do not criticize the non State actors(the guerrillas). And why would they? The access to these areas would be cut-off for ever if they criticize the guerillas. And then, it is fashionable to criticize the State for everything.

I guess that the liberals would never condemm attacks against the State. Still, they are needed to monitor that the State does not turn against its own helpless citizens