Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rajeev Dubey's book 'Bullshit Quotient'-a great read

Bullshit Quotient: Decoding India's Corporate, Social And Legal Fineprint

This blog has been inactive for quite some time, given my workload and the risk of treading on bloated egos/scared cows. Its mostly the former though, because truth is an absolute defence under Indian libel laws, and I make sure to differentiate fact and opinion. Recently, I stumbled upon Rajeev Dubey's book 'Bullshit Quotient' while browsing for books at a Landmark store. The book title caught my attention, and I picked up a copy. It was a great read, though covering many areas familiar(corporate and legal stuff) and unfamiliar(social part). If there was ever a book which combines critical thinking, connecting the dots and wide range of topics, this is it. Your bullshit quotient will indeed go up after reading this book, as would your economic/political understanding. 

The book costs hardly 2 McD supervalue veg combos at a current price of just around Rs 235( Ok that was a random comparison, but better than many of the analogies in print,