Tuesday, October 25, 2016

When will ICAI presidents stop regionalism?

Last week,  I attended the ICAI international conference in Hyderabad. There, the chief guest Venkiah Naidu(Urban Development Minister, also from Hyderabad) said he had accepted the invite because "A local person has brought this event to Hyderabad". It struck me then that the very reason for chosing Hyderabad is because it is the president's town. But this is not an isolated instance as one can see below, each past president brings atleast ONE major/international/annual event to their home city.

When Railway Ministers used to relocate Railway headquarters/launch special trains to their hometowns, I used to laugh at their power hungry nature. But when such a thing happens at my own professional body, I wonder what to do!

President  Year Zone City Event Held in the city
CA. Amarjit Chopra 2010-11 CIRC Delhi International Conference on Accountancy Profession: Catalyst to Sustained Economic Growth
CA. G Ramaswamy 2011-12 SIRC Chennai International Conference: Leveraging Challenges for Inclusive Growth
CA. Jaydeep Narendra Shah 2012-13 WIRC Nagpur International Conference (ICON 2012) for CA Students 
CA. Subodh Kr. Agrawal 2013-14 EIRC Kolkata Accountancy Profession: Emerging Frontiers of Future Growth” from November 21-23, 2013
CA. K. Raghu 2014-15 SIRC Bangalore  Accountancy Profession: Building Global Competitiveness; Accelerating Growth from January 29th-31st, 2015
CA. Manoj Fadnis 2015-16 CIRC Indore Accountancy Profession: Spearheading Excellence
CA. M. Devaraja Reddy 2016-17 SIRC Hyderabad ICAI International Conference-Hyderabad-2016

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