Sunday, February 19, 2017

Politicians and bureaucrats should be subject to the risks public face

  1. Minimum qualification/guidelines for bureaucrats should be applied to their political bosses. For example, codes on conflict of interest, corruption proceedings for accumulating assets disrportionate to known sources of income
  2. Fit and Proper Norm for political party leadership-NOT just elected representatives
  3. Democracy within the party-Regular inner party elections under independent observer
  4. Performance linked pay and redundancies/exits without golden parrachutes-Pay Commission hikes to be accompanied by exits, to avoid life long employment promise. After all, pay commission salaries are good compared to private sector entry norms
  5. Piercing the corporate veil to avoid remote control from jails: Be it Lalu Yadav controlling the RJD from jail, or Sasikala now ruling the AIDMK from jail, prisons do not end the rot. So extending the ban on political party 

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