Friday, February 17, 2017

The tale of 2 young Presidents & dynasties-ICAI vs ICSI

Recently, the ICAI elected Mr Nilesh Vikamsey as its President and Mr ND Gupta(Jr) as its Vice President. Mr Vikamsey's brother was the ICAI President around a decade ago, while his father was on the ICAI Central Council decades ago. While for Mr Gupta, his father was the ICAI President in 2001. While Nilesh has come up the hard way of WIRC-Central Council-President, Mr Gupta was directly elected to the Central Council in 2010 without even contesting his regional council elections(NIRC), and is now catapulted to the Vice President post, which all know is a stepping stone to the Presidency post in a year. I cannot think of any other ICAI President in recent history, who has been able to achieve this milestone of direct elections to the Central Council without any 'great' individual achievements.

In sharp contrast is the election of Mr Sham Lal Agarwal as the ICSI President. While Mr Agarwal is quite young and with just 12yrs practice, he came up the pyramid of chapter-Regional Council-Central council, and won support by his work, without any visible family heritage or godfathers.

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